About Us

RONIN International conducts market research and data collection services to address the needs of large corporations as well as research agencies in the B2B, healthcare and technology sectors.

With multilingual capabilities, our research is conducted via telephone and online from our data collection centre in central London.

RONIN's roots in marketing consulting position it uniquely as a market research supplier that understands how to apply research data. With an emphasis on marketplace insight, our work goes well beyond providing data or even information. It addresses the issues of what the data means for our clients and how it can be used. It forms the basis for management decisions and actions to address the major business issues of that business unit or corporation.

With over thirty years of research experience in the healthcare, IT and B2B sectors, we have a solid understanding of these industries, the competitive environment and the technical aspects of the products and services being developed and sold by our clients.


RONIN International HQ and our global operations centre are in Central London, UK. We are part of the Fat Media Group.