Bid Executive

RONIN International is an award-winning global market research agency with headquarters in London.

We provide data collection services to the Market Research Industry, both in the B2B and the B2C sectors, with specific expertise in Healthcare, Financial, IT and Hard-to-reach audiences.

We cover over 60 countries in more than 30 languages and offer to our clients a range of traditional and innovative methodologies, both offline and online.

We are looking for a Bid Executive to join our Business Development team in September 2017.

Position Summary

The new appointed Bid Executive will report to, and work alongside, the Bid Manager. At RONIN, the Bid Manager supports the Business Development team in delivering competitive and comprehensive proposals to both prospective and existing clients.

The role holder will be an excellent team player, ensuring that proposals are created from team consultations and are delivered in a concise and professional language. A proactive attitude is essential, along with strong interpersonal skills, a logical mind, project management capabilities and a well-rounded knowledge of the market-research industry.

This is an excellent opportunity for any candidate who has a passion to join a fast paced, challenging team which requires strong attention to detail and excellent time management skills. The candidate will be constantly willing to learn, and will be flexible to occasionally work outside of normal office hours.

Core Duties

Working with the Bid Manager means performing day-to-day duties including, but not limited to:

  • Logging Requests For Proposals (RFPs) on our CRM platform, assigning them to the relevant Account Manager
  • Liaising with clients to confirm receipt. Supporting the Bid Manager in sending all needed enquiries to clarify the RFPs specs when ambiguous/incomplete
  • Sharing the full RFP with the Account Manager and the CATI, CAWI or Outsourcing teams for feedback on feasibility, costs and timings
  • Researching into specialist areas to support informed proposals via desk research, e.g. understanding sampling requirements, markets specs etc
  • Drafting proposals following the Bid Manager directions and saving them in the Client folder, together with all relevant Client and OS docs
  • Submitting the proposals to the Bid Manager for review
  • Keeping the CRM system constantly updated with bid status and proposal value for each bid, as well as job number and invoice date and amount for the won ones.
  • Creating RFPs/pipeline/account reports on a weekly basis, downloading data from the CRM system


  • Previous experience in the market research industry
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office, particularly Excel
  • Experience of working in a fast-paced environment
  • Knowledge of other cultures and languages is desirable

Applications should be emailed to with subject line ‘Bid Executive’
Closing date for applications is 11th September 2017