Quality Control Co-ordinator

RONIN International is a market research company that addresses the needs of research agencies through a portfolio of services designed for Business-to-Business and Healthcare requirements. Our London based International Research Centre operates both CATI and Online interviewing.

We work globally, employing a centralised operations model for consistent implementation and a one-stop-shop service. Typically undertaking the most challenging assignments from our clients, we deliver insightful, thorough and accurate results.

We are now looking for a Quality Control Co-ordinator to join our CATI Centre team. This is a maternity cover contract for 6-9 months.

Position Summary

Delivering quality data is of paramount importance. This role is to ensure that we deliver data we know to be accurate and to ensure interviewers adhere to ISO, MRS, IQCS and RONIN quality standards. You will liaise with project controllers and CC management to ensure that all projects have the required quality control checks and that any quality issues are addressed and rectified. You will train and manage a team of language QCers.

Core Duties

  • Ensure all projects delivered have reliable data.
  • Ensure RONIN meet MRS, IQCS and ISO quality standards.
  • Co-ordinate with Project Controller to ensure that all studies have 10% of the interviews QC’d.
  • Recruit and train QC’ers to cover all languages required.
  • Quality check the work of QCers.
  • Ensure all open-end responses are quality checked.
  • Where there are quality issues ensure that the issues are rectified and interviews deleted where required.
  • Ensure all interviewers receive appropriate feedback on their interviews.
  • Arrange and conduct continual monitoring and coaching of interviewers through quality control to improve their quality and productivity.
  • Gain a full understanding of the purpose of each project, and deliver this understanding in briefings to your team of Interviewers in a coherent manner.
  • Recognise potential barriers to gaining accurate data before the start of, or early in a, project and offer solutions.
  • Aid with recruitment and training of supervisors, interviewers and quality control staff as required.
  • Liaise with internal and external stakeholders in a professional manner.
  • Help to build team moral, have your teams enthusiastic about achieving their goals.
  • Encourage knowledge sharing among teams, ensure that all the knowledge gained is passed on.
  • Carry out all project related admin tasks.
  • Carry out interviews and set appointments where required.
  • Other ad hoc duties required to meet business needs.
  • Work anti-social hours as required.


  • Have at least 1 year experience in market research
  • Have experience of market research interviewing to an excellent level.
  • Supervisory or quality control experience in a CATI Centre is advantageous.
  • An excellent understanding of English
  • Fluent in a non-English language
  • The potential to understand the principles and aims of market research data collection.
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel.

Personal Qualities

  • Willingness to do what is necessary to deliver projects on time and within budget
  • Natural problem solver
  • Numeric and analytical
  • A strong working knowledge of Office programmes.
  • Articulate and confident communicator
  • A proactive attitude
  • Good at working as part of a team
  • Effective at passing on knowledge and skills to others.
  • Take pride in the quality of your work
  • Be approachable

Reporting Lines

Quality Control Co-ordinator reports to The CATI Centre Director and Tracker Projects Manager.

How To Apply

Please send a copy of your CV and a covering letter to our CATI Centre Director, David Burdon, by email to david.burdon@ronin.com