Hard To Reach Respondents

Thanks to the integration of traditional and innovative approaches, now including hyper-targeting, RONIN successfully conducts study-specific recruitment and research across all main markets in Europe, North and South America, and APAC, with unprecedented results for ‘hard to reach’ and ‘niche’ participants.

Adding digital audience mapping and social media monitoring, listening and networking to traditional desk research and sample lists, then integrating online and social media with panels, phone and mobile recruitment, potential participants are identified based on both socio-demographic criteria as well as their SM profile information on, and A.I. projections of, their attitudes and behaviours, and are eventually reached in their chosen environments, via their preferred channel of communications.

This mixed-method approach allows for a more accurate segmentation as well as a much wider and deeper reach - mirroring the complexity of our reality and overcoming the challenges that the progressive fragmentation of audiences and customers poses to researchers, while also giving continuous access to fresh respondents.
Whether looking for global Opinion Leaders, busy Business Executives, specialist Healthcare Professionals, Carers or Patients, edgy Tech Developers and Data Scientists, niche Consumer groups with specific products / services experience, or Hobbyists interested in specific topics, we support our clients’ research challenges identifying, selecting and inviting to surveys any type of respondents – in a Qual fashion but on a Quant scale.

Then, when the project requires so, RONIN of course also support agencies and clients with both traditional Quant and Qual projects, including offline/online depth interviews or focus groups.

Interviews can be conducted via CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview), CATI (Computer Assisted Phone Interview), CAVI (Computer Assisted Video Interview) or in a be-spoke MROC (Market Research Online Community).

We tailor invitations to local market language using our in-house translation team and integrate survey questionnaires to allow responses across platforms and environments. Screening and qualification information can be validated via phone, email or mobile/sms. Data quality checking is conducted on all completed interviews.

Example case studies where integrated / social media solutions have been used can be found here.

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