Case study: Opinion Leaders

Case study: Opinion Leaders

RONIN consolidates its global opinion former offering: a case study.

In the previous 12 months, RONIN have delivered on an increasing number of projects with thought leaders, opinion formers and senior stakeholders across a range of key sectors, including the media, academic research, non-governmental organisations, senior decision-makers in the public sector and elected officials as well as C-suite participants in the finance, energy, investment, technology and sustainability sectors in over 20 markets.

One such example is a project we finished in September 2020, a major piece of reputational research on behalf of a government in the Asia Pacific region to investigate international perceptions of the country and support marketing efforts of their nation brand.

Conducting 220 in-depth telephone interviews across 4 weeks of fieldwork in 15 countries, we delivered a whopping 500,000 words of qualitative data to our client, representing the views of investment professionals, university professors, journalists, commentators, elected officials, business leaders and risk rating agencies on this crucial topic.

Here is what our client shared with us once the project had completed:

RONIN provides us with the following: attention to detail, constant communication, full commitment to immersing themselves in the subject at hand, the ability to meet often extremely onerous deadlines and, perhaps most importantly, uncompromising and excellent outcomes. They have been superb.

If you are interested in conducting a similar type of project and need the support of a trusted partner who will deploy expert fieldwork practices to meet your objectives with this type of audience, then please contact us to let us know. We would be delighted to support your research needs and apply our learnings to your project to deliver genuine, quality data.

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