Digital Recruitment

Digital Recruitment

With the new normal slowly decanting in everyone’s minds, we have been monitoring response rates carefully over the past few weeks to keep ahead of the curve…

We are pleased to report that, thanks to our multi-channel, tailored approach to data collection, we have continued to meet and exceed our expectations on project delivery, leveraging both traditional recruitment methods (ad hoc phone recruitment and phone-recruited panel) and innovative digital recruitment methods (targeted campaigns and cross-platform outreach).

We are continuing to invest in our teams’ growth and toolkits to support our ability to find verified, niche B2B participants via digital or phone recruitment to online self-completion, client-moderated or RONIN-moderated in-depth interviews, including virtual focus groups.

From portfolio managers through to the most senior C-suite participants in $5+ billion companies, covering the full spectrum of quantitative or qualitative market research projects, our custom approach to recruitment is time-tested and proven to find the participants you need.

If you would like to find out how RONIN can help, please e-mail [email protected].

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