Less than four months away from the two-year anniversary of its implementation, key areas of the GDPR continue to have an impact open to interpretation. A hotly-debated topic being whether a research sponsor must be revealed to participants as data controller at some stage of the research. We recognise the current consensus that, yes, sponsors need to be named – but also that this interpretation has a real impact on the industry and research objectives. We are working closely with the MRS and the BHBIA to see that this impact is fed back to the ICO so that a different interpretation can eventually prevail.

We are hard at work updating our policies to ISO 27001 following from a productive Group-wide Analysis in late 2019 to consolidate our processes. We expect to have certified our end-to-end research services in early 2020 against the Standard – watch this space!

We are also delighted with the announcement that Xavier Fonder, our Compliance Director, was joint winner of this year’s BHBIA Outstanding Contribution Award for his work as Fieldwork Forum Chair and with the Ethics & Compliance Committee – congratulations to him!

As we rang in the New Year, the CCPA also came into effect with enforcement to follow from 1st July 2020. As we re-join the Insights Association this year, we look forward to hearing about the IA’s efforts to secure clarifications on the impact of the CCPA on marketing research, both online and via telephone, and will monitor these developments to make sure we maintain compliant operations and can advise our clients accordingly. 

Still in the USA, we are keeping a careful eye on the TCPA in relation to our US CATI work and remain confident in the suitability of our current solution, in combination with a robust scrubbing and review protocol and commercial subscription to wireless-ported numbers.

RONIN’s philosophy is founded on the seamless delivery of international data collection from our site here in London. We pride ourselves in delivering high quality data to clients through our attention to detail and rigorous quality control procedures. It is at the heart of everything we do, and a key factor of our most successful and fruitful relationships. We welcome any questions you may have and look forward to supporting you on your next research journey!

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