RONIN International Unveil New Branding

RONIN International Unveil New Branding

Having joined the Fat Media Group in November 2016, the decision was made to mark the change by refreshing the RONIN branding and website. 

The project was completed by the Fat Media team - what better way to get to know their new sister company than by creating their brand!

While it was important to maintain RONIN's own name and identity, the team at Fat Media incorporated the same branding device as featured on their own logo, a three-quarter circle, to show the unity of the two companies.

Meanwhile, the website design and development project serves to more accurately explain RONIN International's service offering, as well as having been updated to be fully responsive - so it now performs well on any device. RONIN's original brand colour of blue has been continued into the new design, with a secondary orange highlight to offer something new and fresh, while still complimenting the existing colour palette.

Staff photography has also been included, as we felt it was important to give an insight into the people behind our research projects. 

Further projects are already underway, including a new RONIN Rewards portal where Panellists can claim any incentives more easily.

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