RONIN opens Digital Recruitment Hub in Lancaster

RONIN opens Digital Recruitment Hub in Lancaster

RONIN International has expanded their operations with a new office, opening a desk research, CATI and digital recruitment hub in Lancaster, UK.

The new facility, housed in purpose built space for thirty researchers, has been created within the existing offices of digital marketing parent company Rippleffect Group.

It will combine custom recruitment teams and AI-enabled digital recruiters with data collection capabilities by phone and online to provide quality verified participants taking part in quantitative and qualitative survey research. At the new Digital and CATI hub in Lancaster, Facility Manager Tavis Urquhart will be responsible for recruitment, training and client communication, providing on-the-ground support and international market research expertise. Tavis joined RONIN in 2019 having spent three years with The Social Research Centre, a subsidiary of the Australian National University, in Melbourne, Australia.

Managing Director, Simon Glanville comments:

"RONIN recognises the need for sector innovation, combined with genuine expertise. We have taken the decision to grow organically, rather than through acquisition, to ensure that industry leading technology is used by data collection experts and is combined with proven traditional approaches. Our clients demand real and verified participants across challenging international audiences, as well as the right methodologies for their needs. We need to ensure that we deliver quality data from business, academic and healthcare experts. I am excited by the growth and I believe our new Lancaster research facility will enhance our ability to conduct market research with the right people and assist in our development of internal expert network platforms."

RONIN is a leader in business focussed data collection, established in the UK in 1998, and in delivering hard to reach opinion leader, expert and knowledge proven participants for qualitative and quantitative market research studies across over 80 countries and 50 languages. RONIN combines a mix of online and phone methodologies with innovative digital recruitment techniques, underpinned with industry leading expertise and experience. RONIN currently has four offices around the world and plans to open a new digital research, recruitment and CATI facility in Hamburg, Germany in September 2022.

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