Case Study

Global Brand Health Tracker. Quantitative.


In its fourth year, this ongoing online study conducts 300 monthly interviews, resulting in an annual sample size of 3,600. It covers diverse markets, including the USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, India, Japan, Australia/New Zealand, Brazil, China, South Korea, and Indonesia. RONIN serves as the host and manages the comprehensive questionnaire programme, delivering high-quality, rigorously checked data to researchers twice a month. Additionally, RONIN provides target lists of companies and handles participant screening and recruitment.


Our objectives were to achieve monthly targets across employee size categories (1-5k, 5-10k, and 10k+), targeting decision makers responsible for cloud infrastructure, application development, databases, big data, and analytics. Interviews lasted 18 minutes in the local language, focusing on sectors like Healthcare, Public Sector, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Media, Retail, Technology, Auto, Telecom, Consumer Goods, and Logistics.

Challenges faced
& Actions taken

To enhance company and sector representation, we implemented solutions like a 6-month exclusion period for previous participants and limited participation to three individuals per organisation. Effective outreach strategies handled contacting multiple sites. Careful planning ensured even fieldwork distribution. Quarterly questionnaire amendments allowed seamless data collection. Rigorous data quality checks and two project managers ensured integrity and coverage.