Case Study

Global Executives Qualitative Insights


This project aimed to strengthen partnerships between professional services firms and global organisations. In-depth phone interviews were conducted with VP-level and above executives responsible for purchasing transformation work in $10b global revenue organisations. Target participants spent at least $1m on professional services in the last year. The project sought to gather insights for informed and mutually beneficial engagements.


Our objective was to recruit 70 participants for in-depth interviews from the USA & Canada, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, and China. The 30-minute phone interviews focused on key sectors and functions, including Finance, Technology, Strategy, HR, and transformation roles. Participating companies spent at least $1 million on professional services, and interviewees were decision-makers familiar with marketing and communications from professional services firms.

Challenges faced
& Actions taken

To ensure data privacy, we complied with GDPR, UK Market Research Society, US Insights Association, and ESOMAR regulations. Our solution included strict protocols, participant consent, and confidentiality agreements. We used Microsoft Teams for remote interviews and recordings. RONIN's translation services and quality-checked AI enabled quick transcriptions. We prioritised timely distribution of thank-you incentives and comprehensive summary reports. RONIN took a proactive approach in distributing incentives and preparing detailed reports after each interview.