Case Study

Global Power Leader NPS Programme


An ongoing project commissioned by a global power leader, a corporation of complementary business units that design, manufacture, distribute and service engines and related technologies.

Raw sample data from branches across the world is provided directly by the client and processed by RONIN according to client specifications, before being made available to interviewers on a daily basis.


To collect customer satisfaction on recent services / purchases.

More than 350 branch level quotas are set up in our system, each with their own individual targets.

Our call centre has real time access to quotas to monitor progress. 

Daily automated deliverables include a results file with the completed interviews, a disposition file with outcomes for each record provided, and recordings of all interviews conducted.

Challenges faced
& Actions taken

Quotas that achieve target are automatically closed and sample prevented from being distributed to interviewers.

All completed interviews are recorded and loaded on a dedicated client portal. Recordings can be retrieved using different filters, including the unique survey reference number. The portal has been designed according to our client specific requirements. Recordings can be downloaded directly from the portal with a click.