Case Study

Media Professionals


For this research project, RONIN recruited and engaged 3000 media professionals, including journalists, editorial staff, and business decision-makers from 21 countries, for a 15-minute online study. The goal was to gather valuable insights from diverse participants associated with outlets with a readership of over 10,000. This aimed to gain a comprehensive understanding of the media landscape globally.


Our objective was to recruit 3000 media professionals from 21 countries for an online study. Participants included journalists, editorial staff, and business decision-makers from outlets with a readership exceeding 10,000. We aimed for a balanced representation of varying readership sizes and included both permanent and freelance media professionals.

Challenges faced
& Actions taken

RONIN ensured GDPR compliance and followed best practices while implementing language-specific quality control measures for 10% of recruits across 21 countries. Effective management of multiple recruitment approaches and resource allocation, considering local holidays and festivals, ensured project execution, productivity, and meeting deadlines.