Case Study

Oncologists and Pulmonologists


This study has been commissioned to RONIN by a global research firm, on behalf of a major Pharma company, as a 4 waves tracker. The client developed a new product for NSCLC (Non-small-cell lung carcinoma patients, who accounts for about 85% of all lung cancers and are relatively insensitive to chemotherapy) and was looking into understanding this context in more details in preparation to the product distribution.


The research objective was to Understand current treatment patterns and attitudes about treatment, track diagnostic efforts, including frequency and means of mutation testing, Monitor drivers of treatment decisions and prescribing patterns by line of therapy, Understand awareness and perceptions of currently available therapies as well as therapies in development. 

Challenges faced
& Actions taken

The study has been planned as a 4 waves tracker, with six months interval between waves. In each wave, new markets have been added to the core ones - USA, CAN and EU5 – for a total of 27 markets globally.

RONIN conducted a consistent survey across markets every six months, with adaptation based on launch timelines where relevant and limited overlaps between waves, while keeping track of the specific quotas set-up between Oncologists and Pulmonologists in each market and recruiting the specific Practitioners in the lists provided by the client and topping up with free found Participants.