Case Study

USA Refugees Study


The research was commissioned by a major Research Agency on behalf of a USA government department. The research is a requirement of the USA resettlement program for refugees entering the country. 1500 refugees from more the 20 countries and 17 languages take part in an annual 45 minutes interview.


The aim of the research is to gain feedback on the lives of the refugees before they entered the USA, the initial experience of the resettlement program and their lives now, in the USA. The study looks to gather information on potential improvements to the program and to design aid specifically for the needs of the refugees.

Challenges faced
& Actions taken

The study required male and female interviewers for each of the 17 languages. The languages covered included Sgaw Karen, Tedim, Lai, Kiswahili. Most of the languages covered are not commonly used for research projects. RONIN’s dedicated recruitment and training team advertised in targeted magazines, websites and university departments. They also reached out to communities across the UK to ensure full language and gender coverage was achieved.

RONIN’s team ensured the newly recruited interviewers were trained to a standard over that required by the MRS, ISO and IQCS. Along with basic CATI and compliance training, they were also supported throughout to recruit respondents and capture accurate data, while discussing very sensitive and personal issues.