CATI Research

CATI, or Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing, is one of the key services offered by RONIN International.

Our CATI Centre is based at our London HQ and as a centralised hub offers unrivalled quality and consistency across your whole study.

Operating 24 hours a day, and speaking over 30 languages, our CATI fieldwork team have a truly global reach. Every Interviewer is trained following IQCS (Interviewer Quality Control Scheme) best practice, while our experienced quality control team continually monitor performance to ensure every interview is conducted to the highest standard.

If required, we can assist with designing your CATI survey, scripting questionnaires to ensure maximum response, as well as translation and sample list design. Everything from survey set up to final data or tables delivery.

To give you complete visibility on the progress of your CATI project, we can provide live dashboards showing the number of survey completes achieved by country or quota and in real time.

At RONIN we pride ourselves on securing traditionally hard-to-reach participants, whether business based or consumers and have a great track record in meeting and exceeding client quotas.

We work with both consultancies and research agencies on a wide range of survey research projects, so if you need an outstanding interviewing team for your next survey, please do get in touch with one of our experienced team members using the form below.