Information Technology

RONIN’s heritage in technology research has resulted in a commanding resource, including a senior-level IT Decision Maker Panel constructed and maintained by our global CATI centre. Our team conduct interviews in 55 languages, and are conversant in all aspects of computer hardware, software, services as well as issues of the telecommunications industry.

We provide a complete quantitative service, including questionnaire review, survey programming, hosting, and in-house translation and coding management for quick turnaround and consistent implementation.

RONIN are also able to support qualitative IT research, including recruitment, or fully managed and conducted focus groups and depth interviews.

Examples of some engagements we have undertaken include:

  • Market assessment for security services
  • Product / service bundle concept testing
  • Marketplace requirements for records management
  • Analysis of buyer requirements for appliances and SaaS products
  • Trends in server usage
  • Message testing for a range of software products
  • Naming for a new computing concept
  • Demand assessment and willingness-to-pay analysis for SIP applications
  • Buyer behaviour analysis for hardware, software and services

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