Fleet observer tracking

Fleet Observer Tracking

17 minutes online interview with screened and verified fleet decision makers across 28 European markets. Over 7,000 interviews with at least 250 per market. RONIN targeted sample via Dun & Bradstreet/Hoovers selected by company sector, size and fleet composition.

  • 27 markets across Europe
  • 7170 interviews
  • Representative sample per market selected by company demographics

All questionnaire translations, questionnaire program and hosting by RONIN. Data provided in SPSS format. In each country companies targeted by sector, employee size and fleet composition across small, medium, large and enterprise size organisations. All participants screened and interviewed responsible for the fleet management. A barometer research study aimed to size the car fleets market and to get insights on new mobility solutions (car sharing, mobility budget etc).

  Interviews required 
Austria 250
Belgium 300
Baltic States 250
Ireland 120
Czech Republic 300
Denmark 250
Finland 250
France 300
Germany 300
Greece 250
Hungary 250
Italy 300
Luxembourg 200
Morocco 250
Norway 250
Slovenia 250
Poland 300
Portugal 300
Romania 250
Russia 250
Slovakia 250
Spain 300
Sweden 250
Switzerland 300
The Netherlands 300
Turkey 300
United Kingdom 300

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