Hobbyists - Drummers

A brand and new product evaluation amongst amateur drummers, professional drummers and drumming teachers. Also equipment distributors and retailers. Recruit to an online interview where visual stimuli of new products were assessed. United States, France, UK, Germany & China. Non-rejectors of brands and purchasers of specific equipment. Recruitment via forums, social networks, community boards and screening from phone to online.

  • 500 interviews
  • 5 market study
  • Targeted digital screening and recruitment
Country Music instrument shops Drum teachers Drummers - Amateur/ Semi/ Professional Distributors Total
UK 25 15 75 10 714
US 25 15 75 10 1077
DE 25 15 75 10 515
FR 25 15 75 10 420

20-minute online interview. programme and host with data delivery by RONIN

Translations into local langauge for all questionnaires

All sampling and recruitment by RONIN

Use of digital and phone recruitment to an online questionnaire.

All incentives administered by RONIN

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