Institutional & advisor brand tracking study

Institutional & advisor brand tracking study

  • 6 regions
  • 14 markets
  • 770 interviews
  • 12,000 minutes of primary research
  • Asset managers Wealth managers Institutional investors

UK institutional and advisor brand tracking study

RONIN has specialized in recruiting and interviewing Finance & Investor Professionals for many years.

Desk research and the use of specialist databases to identify and contact targeted Professionals has resulted in over 35,000 Finance experts who have now joined our RONINEdge community, have been screened and verified and have agreed to future market research participation.

An example project is the Institutional and Advisor brand tracking study, measuring perceptions of funds in the asset management and ETF space.

This study was conducted across 6 regions and 14 markets.

All institutional investors, asset managers and wealth managers who describe their primary role as one of:    

  1. Give financial advice to retail/private individuals on their investment decisions
  2. Support advisors by conducting research and implementing recommendations
  3. Hold and control client money and manage funds on behalf of retail/private individuals and/or institutions
  4. Make decisions about which funds should be included on a panel, buy-list or model portfolio 
  5. Invest and manage assets on behalf of retail/private individuals and/or institutional client companies

The study was conducted as a 15-minute online interview.

RONIN can also conduct custom desk research and digital online or phone recruitment from a wealth of databases and sources such as Ipreo, Capital IQ, D&B and other directories to ensure full representation across relevant organisations.

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