Mobile Developers Product Usage

15 Minutes online interview with screened and verified developers using a variety of platforms for mobile, web, cloud and machine learning products. RONIN recruitment from company targeted lists and across digital platforms such as Reddit, LinkedIn, Github, StackOverflow and others. Over 20 targeted platforms from Google play to TensorFlow used.

Total per country

USA 840
UK 420
India 630
Germany 315
Japan 315
China 840 
South Korea 420
Brazil 210
Indonesia 210
Total  4200


Developers who use products for mobile, web, cloud and machine learning products.


Online. RONIN scripted and hosted the questionnaire as a mobile and computer accessible survey.


US, UK, India, Germany, Japan, China, South Korea, Brazil, Indonesia

Target Respondents:

Professionals with 2+ years experience.
o Business decision makers and technical practitioners (TP) (e.g. developers – must code 11+ hours per week)
o Example TP job titles: Developers, Architects, DevOps, Database admins, Network specialists, Data analysts, Data engineers, Data scientists, ML Pros/Engineers, Technical Writers, IT Admins

1,000 each of mobile, web, cloud, machine learning
Minimum quotas on certain individual products such as Firebase, Angular, Kubeflow, TensorFlow, Jetpack Compose.

Questionnaire length: 15 mins

Qualification Incidence: 25% overall.

Sample RONIN used a combination of sources for recruitment and a combination of digital campaigns through LinkedIn, Reddit, as well as organic outreach, supplemented with additional desk research across multiple sites. D&B/ Cruchbase databases can be pulled at a company level to ensure maximum reach accros company sizes and markets.

RONIN provided all date files and SPSS tables with open ended coding and translation of all materials in German, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Indonesian Bahasa.

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