CATI research dialling into market insights

Connecting you with your audience: real data from real people.

CATI research

CATI (computer-assisted telephone interviewing) is a market research methodology. 

CATI blends technology and human interaction to streamline the data collection process. Our skilled interviewers utilise CATI to conduct telephone interviews with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring that we connect with the individuals who hold the key insights for your research objectives. This approach saves time and resources while elevating the quality of the data collected. 

We have 3 CATI Locations globally enabling us to conduct telephone interviews with the right person for your market research.

Real-time data entry for real-time insights

One of CATI's standout features is its real-time data entry capability. As our interviewers engage in conversations, they simultaneously input the responses into the system. This immediate data entry eliminates the need for manual transcription, minimising the chances of errors and discrepancies. The result? Fresh insights at your fingertips, available for analysis as soon as the interview concludes. 

Precision at scale: Enabling global insights 

Our CATI presence spans the globe, allowing us to tap into diverse markets and demographics. Whether you're targeting specific regions or seeking a worldwide perspective, our CATI capabilities enable us to reach out and connect with respondents regardless of geographical boundaries. This global reach ensures that your research insights transcend borders. 

Accuracy and speed 

Accuracy and speed are essential partners for market research. CATI allows us to merge these attributes. The streamlined data collection process ensures that insights are gathered accurately, while real-time data entry accelerates the pace at which you can access and analyse the collected information.

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