Conducting market research with a diverse range of stakeholders, including corporate executives, investors, regulators, suppliers, customers, employees, and civil society organisations, is crucial for a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted aspects of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) topics. It provides valuable insights into the strategic, operational, financial, and societal challenges and opportunities related to ESG and sustainability. This research enables organisations to develop holistic and informed approaches to address ESG issues, integrate sustainability into their business operations, and align their practices with the expectations of various stakeholders. Ultimately, comprehensive market research on ESG topics helps organisations to enhance their financial performance, regulatory compliance, stakeholder relations, and societal impact, contributing to their long-term success and sustainability.

Audiences - Sustainability - ESG issues

Corporate executives and board members, ESG & sustainability professionals, investors and asset managers, regulatory and policy makers, NGO's and civil society organisations, academics & researchers, customers and consumers, employees, industry associations. Interviewing a diverse range of stakeholders, gains a comprehensive understanding of the various perspectives, challenges, and opportunities related to ESG and sustainability.

A broad range of subjects including corporate strategy and governance, environmental impact and management, social impact and responsibility, investor relations and financial performance, regulatory compliance and policy engagement, product and service innovation, risk management.

ESG Research - Sustainability issues study

A business and consumer study investigating sustainability and ESG topics. USA and global audience across NGO's, government & regulators, corporate and private sector research, academia & media and consultancies. 500 interviews with the general public in the USA and Canada, selected by education, media consumption and demographics.

  • 1,000 consumer interviews
  • 50 opinion lead interviews
  • Global NGO's and experts
  • Digital recruitment of targeted experts and phone interviews with selected high media consuming consumers
ESG Research - Sustainability issues study

Interviewing the diverse range of stakeholders mentioned earlier will enable you to cover a broad spectrum of topics and themes related to ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) topics:

Corporate Strategy and Governance:

Integration of ESG into corporate strategy and business operations.

Board oversight and governance structures related to ESG.

Executive compensation linked to ESG performance.

Environmental Impact and Management:

Carbon footprint and efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Water usage, waste management, and recycling efforts.

Supply chain sustainability and responsible sourcing.

Social Impact and Responsibility:

Employee welfare, diversity and inclusion, and labor practices.

Community engagement and impact on local communities.

Human rights and supply chain labor practices.

Investor Relations and Financial Performance:

ESG criteria used by investors for investment decisions.

Impact of ESG performance on financial performance and shareholder value.

Disclosure and reporting of ESG metrics and performance.

Regulatory Compliance and Policy Engagement:

Compliance with existing ESG-related regulations.

Engagement with policymakers on ESG-related issues.

Anticipation and preparation for upcoming regulatory changes.

Product and Service Innovation:

Development of sustainable products and services.

Customer demand for sustainable products and services.

Life cycle assessment of products and services.

Stakeholder Engagement and Communication:

Engagement with various stakeholders on ESG issues.

Communication and disclosure of ESG performance and initiatives.

Response to stakeholder feedback and concerns.

Risk Management:

Identification and assessment of ESG-related risks.

Integration of ESG risks into overall risk management strategy.

Mitigation strategies for ESG-related risks.

Supply Chain Management:

Supplier assessment and monitoring for ESG compliance.

Supply chain transparency and traceability.

Collaboration with suppliers for sustainable practices.

Employee Engagement and Development:

Employee training and development on ESG-related topics.

Employee engagement and participation in sustainability initiatives.

Efforts to create a diverse and inclusive work environment.

By covering these topics and themes, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of ESG and sustainability, enabling you to develop a holistic approach to addressing ESG issues and integrating sustainability into your business operations. Additionally, addressing these topics will also help in aligning your business practices with the expectations of various stakeholders, including investors, regulators, customers, employees, and the broader society.

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