Mixed Methodology in market research

Blending of depth and precision

Mixed Methodology

Mixed methodology in market research refers to an approach that combines both qualitative and quantitative research methods within a single study or research project. This approach seeks to capitalize on the strengths of both qualitative and quantitative methods to provide a more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the research topic.

Mixed methodology merges these two approaches to leverage their complementary strengths. By doing so, researchers can achieve a more well-rounded and holistic understanding of their research topic. For instance, qualitative findings can help generate hypotheses that can be tested using quantitative methods. Similarly, quantitative data can validate and provide a broader context for qualitative insights.

In market research, a mixed methodology approach can be particularly powerful when dealing with complex or multifaceted topics, when seeking to understand both the "what" and the "why" of consumer behaviour, or when trying to triangulate findings from different sources to ensure robustness and validity. It offers a way to capture the richness of qualitative insights while also providing the quantifiable data needed for informed decision-making.

Integration for a holistic picture

We understand integration, we recognise that qualitative and quantitative data are not isolated entities; they complement and enrich each other. Our methodology ensures that qualitative insights guide the design of quantitative instruments, providing a bridge that connects human element with statistical breadth. In turn, quantitative data lend credibility and broader context to the qualitative narratives.

Strategies informed by the whole story

Our integrated approach provides a complete view of B2B hard-to-reach markets. Decision-makers can draw from both the qualitative narratives that provide nuanced information and the quantitative data that offer statistical validation. Our bespoke integrated approach guides businesses to navigate the challenges of B2B hard-to-reach markets with a strategic clarity that resonates both with the human narrative and the statistical reality.

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