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When conducting marketing research with media and publishing experts like editors, publishing houses, journalists, and content managers, the focus is often on understanding market trends, audience preferences, content strategies, distribution techniques, and emerging technologies.


Media & publishing

Journalists, editors, content managers, advertising directors & managers, creative directors, digital strategy, audience engagement, marketing, publishers expert academics, trade associations and social influencers. 

Technological implementation and process change.Content creation and audience engagement, brand building and thought leadership, adaption to digital transformation, monetisation and content distribution. Advertising and marketing strategies.

News content global study

The aim of this research was to collect opinions on technology's impact on the news industry and how tech companies can work with news content providers to support high-quality news and build sustainable business strategies through initiatives like digital tools, partnerships, and training programmes. 2,800 interviews with broadcast, print and digital news outlets, academics, NGO's and associations.

  • 2,800 interviews across 22 markets in 4 regions
  • Data collection approaches across phone, digital, recruitment and online
  • Desk research to build contact lists from D&B, Crunchbase and others
News content global study

Content Preferences & Trends:

What genres or types of content are currently popular?

Emerging content trends and preferences across different age groups and demographics.

Audience Insights:

Profiling of target audiences: What are their reading or viewing habits?

Platforms preferred by the audience: Are they more inclined toward print, online, apps, podcasts, or other mediums?

Monetisation Strategies:

What are the most effective monetization models (subscription, advertising, pay-per-view, etc.)?

How are emerging technologies, like blockchain or micropayments, impacting monetization?

Content Distribution:

Exploring the best channels for distributing content.

The effectiveness of various distribution platforms: eBooks, audio platforms, video streaming, syndication, etc.

Technological Innovations:

The impact of AI and machine learning on content creation, curation, and distribution.

The role of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in the publishing and media sector.

Content Creation & Production:

Investigating the tools and technologies used in content creation.

Exploring collaborative platforms and tools that help in content production and management.

Ethical Concerns & Journalism:

How are issues like fake news, misinformation, and bias being managed?

The role of fact-checking and source verification in modern journalism.

Engagement Metrics & Analytics:

What metrics are used to measure content engagement and success?

The role of analytics in shaping content strategies.

Brand Building & Thought Leadership:

How do editors, journalists, and content managers build their personal brands?

Strategies used by publishing houses to position themselves as thought leaders in specific niches.

Market Dynamics & Competitor Analysis:

Who are the major players and emerging challengers in the media and publishing industry?

SWOT analysis of key market players.

Adaptation to Digital Transformation:

Challenges faced by traditional media houses in adapting to the digital age.

Strategies adopted by successful traditional publishers who transitioned effectively to the digital realm.

Regulations & Compliance:

Understanding the regulatory landscape for publishing and media, especially in the digital sphere.

Impacts of regulations on content creation, distribution, and monetization.

Exploring the shift towards more sustainable printing practices or materials.

The role of digital publishing in reducing the carbon footprint.

These topics and themes are crucial for media and publishing professionals as they navigate an industry that's rapidly evolving due to technological advancements and changing consumer behaviors. Through this research, these experts can identify opportunities, anticipate challenges, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

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