1. Identify the right opinion formers
    Conduct comprehensive research and analysis to identify Opinion Formers who align with your target audience and industry. 
  2. Build authentic relationships: Develop genuine connections with Opinion Formers based on trust, shared values, and mutual benefits. 
  3. Leverage their influence: Collaborate with Opinion Formers to tap into their vast networks and gain access to a wider and more nuanced audience. 
  4. Gain invaluable insights: Benefit from the unique perspectives and expert knowledge of Opinion Formers to enrich your market research projects. 
  5. Amplify your brand message: Harness the power of Opinion Formers to amplify your brand message, positioning your business as an industry leader. 
  6. Enhance brand visibility: Through strategic partnerships with Opinion Formers, elevate your brand visibility and credibility among your target audience. 
  7. Navigate ethical considerations: Ensure transparency, proper disclosure of partnerships, and adherence to ethical standards when engaging with Opinion Formers. 
  8. Collaborative partnerships: Engage in collaborative partnerships with RONIN to actively involve Opinion Formers in the research process. 
  9. Drive actionable results: Receive actionable recommendations and innovative solutions from RONIN, leveraging the insights gained from Opinion Formers. 
  10. Stay ahead of the competition: Gain a competitive advantage by working with RONIN to leverage the influence and expertise of Opinion Formers in your market research projects.  

Choose RONIN: for Real People, Real Data.

Who is the right audience for your research?

At RONIN, we understand that in B2B market research, success hinges on pinpointing the right audience. The people who make up your audience are real people within sectors that are notoriously challenging to penetrate, are precisely who we gain access to. Our experience spans tech developers, portfolio managers, farmers, politicians, and beyond.

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