Sustainable investing, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors have emerged as key considerations for investors who seek to make a positive impact on society and the environment. 

However, many institutional investors who prioritise ESG factors in their investment decisions may not actively engage with ESG initiatives or disclose their practices. This can result in underrepresentation of hard-to-reach institutional investors in ESG research, potentially leading to biased or incomplete results. 

Engaging hard-to-reach institutional investors in ESG research can provide a more representative sample, ensuring that research results accurately reflect the diversity of ESG investment practices. 

Uncovering New Insights 

Hard-to-reach institutional investors may have unique ESG strategies or perspectives that can provide new and valuable insights. Including these investors in research can help uncover insights that may not have been discovered otherwise, such as innovative approaches to measuring and reporting ESG performance. This can help enhance understanding of ESG investing and improve ESG practices overall. 

Increasing Validity of Results

By including hard-to-reach investors, researchers can capture a broader range of ESG investment practices, enabling more robust conclusions and recommendations. Increasing the validity of research findings by their inclusion can help ensure that research results are applicable to the entire ESG investment community, not just those who are easily accessible or vocal about their ESG practices.

Identifying and Addressing Barriers

Hard-to-reach institutional investors may face unique barriers or challenges to incorporating ESG factors into their investment decisions, such as a lack of reliable ESG data or limited resources for ESG analysis. Including these investors in research can help identify these barriers, leading to potential solutions to overcome them. This can help promote more effective ESG strategies and practices that are accessible to all investors. 

Enhancing Client Relationships 

Institutional investors that prioritise ESG factors in their investment decisions may place a high value on engagement and communication with financial service providers around ESG issues. By including hard-to-reach institutional investors in research and demonstrating a commitment to understanding their unique perspectives and needs, financial service providers can enhance client relationships and build trust with these investors. 

Including this group of hard-to-reach stakeholders in your research brings clear benefits, but it can be challenging due to limited public disclosure, engagement, and resource constraints. Overcome these challenges by partnering with RONIN. We offer solution-driven strategies and take an agnostic approach to connect you with the right B2B stakeholders for your next project.

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