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With a deep understanding of the gaming industry, our expertise encompasses a wide array of themes crucial for gaming industry market research. Our experience includes analyzing consumer preferences and behaviors to understand player demographics, preferred platforms, popular genres, gaming habits, and in-game purchasing behavior. We also delve into game development, evaluating game design, development tools, challenges in the development process, and cost and time estimates. Monetization strategies are another key focus, assessing the effectiveness of different models, player willingness to pay, and the impact of in-game advertising. Additionally, we examine the popularity and usage of different gaming platforms and technologies, the effectiveness of marketing and promotion channels, and player satisfaction with user experience. Online and multiplayer gaming, esports and competitive gaming, mobile gaming, emerging trends, and legal and regulatory issues are also integral themes in our research. Ultimately, our comprehensive approach provides valuable insights to game developers, publishers, and other stakeholders, aiding them in making informed decisions and creating successful games that resonate with players.


Game development studios, publishing companies, independent game developers, mobile and online gaming. Developers, designers, game producers, marketing, gaming engineers.

Consumer preferences and behaviour. Game development, advertising and monetization, gaming platforms and technologies, marketing and promotion, e-sports, mobile gaming, gaming trends, legal and regulatory issues.

Gaming - Development & publishing

550 quant interviews of 15 minutes with gaming developers and publishers. 17 markets with 15-90 interviews per market. All sample targeting, programming and host by RONIN. Local language questionnaire translation for 12 local languages. 55 qual interviews across the same regions, were recruited and conducted by phone. All translated and coded material delivered by RONIN with summary reporting of qualitative interviews.

  • 17 markets across 3 regions
  • 550 quant and 55 qual interviews via phone of 40 minutes
  • multiple methodologies uses across phone, online and targeted digital recruitment
Gaming - Development & publishing

The gaming industry is vast and multifaceted, encompassing a wide range of platforms, genres, and audiences. To best cover the needs, interests, and trends in the gaming industry, market research can be conducted on the following types and topics:

Consumer Preferences and Behavior:

Player demographics: age, gender, location, etc.

Preferred gaming platforms: PC, console, mobile, etc.

Popular game genres: action, adventure, RPG, sports, etc.

Gaming habits: frequency, duration, time of day, etc.

In-game purchasing behavior: virtual goods, expansions, etc.

Game Development:

Game design: mechanics, narrative, graphics, etc.

Development tools and technologies.

Challenges and bottlenecks in the development process.

Cost and time estimates for game development.

Monetization Strategies:

Effectiveness of different monetization models: freemium, subscription, one-time purchase, etc.

Player willingness to pay for in-game content.

Impact of in-game advertising.

Gaming Platforms and Technologies:

Popularity and usage of different gaming platforms: PC, console, mobile, cloud gaming, etc.

Adoption of emerging technologies: VR, AR, AI, etc.

Performance and user experience across different devices and platforms.

Marketing and Promotion:

Effectiveness of different marketing channels: online, offline, social media, influencers, etc.

Player response to marketing campaigns and promotions.

Brand perception and awareness.

User Experience and Satisfaction:

Player satisfaction with game features, graphics, performance, etc.

User experience on different devices and platforms.

Feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Online and Multiplayer Gaming:

Popularity and usage of online and multiplayer features.

Player preferences for solo vs. multiplayer gaming.

Impact of online communities and social interactions on player engagement and retention.

Esports and Competitive Gaming:

Popularity and viewership of esports events.

Player participation in competitive gaming.

Impact of esports on game popularity and player engagement.

Mobile Gaming:

Popularity and usage of mobile games.

Player preferences for different types of mobile games.

Impact of app store algorithms and promotions on game discovery and downloads.

Gaming Trends:

Emerging trends in game design, development, and monetization.

Impact of global events on gaming behavior and preferences.

Forecasting future trends in the gaming industry.

Legal and Regulatory Issues:

Impact of legal and regulatory changes on game development, distribution, and monetization.

Player concerns about privacy, data security, and online harassment.

Conducting market research on these types and topics will provide valuable insights into the needs, interests, and trends in the gaming industry, helping game developers, publishers, and other stakeholders make informed decisions and create successful games that resonate with players.

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