Market research within the investment sector is complex and multifaceted. Here are some example topics and themes we have covered.

RONIN has specialised in recruiting and interviewing Finance & Investor professionals for many years and multiple projects.
Desk research and the use of specialist databases to identify and contact targeted professionals has resulted in over 35,000 Finance experts who have now joined our RONINEdge community, have been screened, verified and have agreed to future market research participation.

Audiences - Investors & Investment Professionals

Brokers, IFA's, Insurance, Institutional investors, Fund managers, Portfolio managers, Wealth managers, Business investors.

We have assessed portfolio management & asset allocation, analysis and forecasting, technological innovations, regulatory compliance and ethical considerations, alternative investments, market dynamics & relationship management, fintech & digital transformation, emerging trends, globalisation & crisis border analysis.

Institutional & advisor brand tracking study

Quarterly study measuring perceptions of funds in the asset management & exchange traded fund (ETF) space.

  • 6 regions
  • 14 markets
  • 770 interviews
  • 12,000 minutes of primary research
  • Asset managers Wealth managers Institutional investors
Investors & brand tracking study

Market research within the investment sector is complex and multifaceted. Here are some example topics and themes we have covered:

Asset allocation and Portfolio management

Trends in portfolio diversification strategies.
Emerging markets and their attractiveness for investment.
Risk assessment techniques in asset allocation.
ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investing trends and performance.

Economic analysis and Forecasting

Global and regional economic outlooks.
Effects of government policies on investment climates.
Currency trends and impact on international investing.
The role of central banks and monetary policies.

Technological innovations

Adoption of AI and machine learning in investment strategies.
Impact of blockchain technology on finance and investing.
The rise of robo-advisors and automation in wealth management.

Regulatory compliance and Ethical considerations

Regulatory changes and their impacts on investment strategies.
Compliance challenges and solutions in different jurisdictions.
Ethical investing and the integration of sustainable practices.

Alternative investments

Performance of hedge funds, private equity, and venture capital.
Real estate investment trends and opportunities.
Investing in commodities, art, or other non-traditional assets.

Client behaviour and Relationship management

Understanding the preferences and needs of various investor segments.
The role of financial education and its impact on investor behaviour.
Building and maintaining trust in client-advisor relationships.

Market dynamics and Investment strategies

Sector-wise performance analysis (e.g., healthcare, technology, energy).
The influence of geopolitical events on markets and investment.
Performance of active vs. passive investment strategies.
Analysis of market anomalies and behavioural finance.

FinTech and Digital transformation

The impact of FinTech start-ups on traditional investment management.
Digital transformation strategies within investment firms.
Security and privacy considerations in digital finance.

Emerging trends and Opportunities

Impact of global events (e.g., pandemics, natural disasters) on investment strategies.
Opportunities in frontier markets and new sectors.
The role of impact investing and socially responsible investment.

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