Qualitative and quantitative market research services

Qualitative research: delving into depth

Qualitative research delves into the depths of human experiences, motivations, and perceptions. Through methods such as in-depth interviews, focus groups, and ethnographic studies, Qual research uncovers nuanced insights that quantitative data might overlook. This methodology thrives in exploring the "why" behind consumer actions, revealing the underlying emotions and thought processes that drive behaviours.

Contextual understanding through skilled moderation

Navigating B2B hard-to-reach markets demands skilled moderation that goes beyond surface-level questioning. Our experienced moderators possess the expertise to navigate complex discussions, drawing out insights that go beyond the obvious. Through empathetic probing and active listening, we extract rich narratives that provide context and depth to the collected information.

Strategic insights for informed decision-making

In the world of B2B, each decision carries significant weight. Our qualitative expertise ensures that the insights garnered from hard-to-reach markets are not just descriptive, but strategic. By finding hidden drivers, barriers, and perceptions, we deliver actionable insights.

With our specialised methodologies, skilled moderation, and a commitment to carrying out high quality studies we deliver results you have can confidence in.

Quantitative research: painting with numbers

Quantitative research, on the other hand, paints with numbers on a broader canvas. By gathering and analysing numerical data from larger sample sizes, it quantifies trends, patterns, and correlations within the market. Surveys, questionnaires, and statistical analysis are the tools of Quant research, providing a structured approach to understanding consumer preferences, market sizes, and statistical significance.

We are experts at gathering and analysis of numerical data from substantial sample sizes, facilitating the quantification of trends, patterns, and correlations within the market.

Our quantitative research tools provide the structure needed to extract actionable insights from large datasets. Using our survey programming and questionnaire tools, researchers can design structured inquiries that efficiently gather data from a wide range of respondents. Applying statistical analysis capabilities enable researchers to process and interpret the collected data, revealing meaningful insights about consumer preferences, market sizes, and statistical significance. By enabling the application of statistical rigor to the collected information, ensures that your decisions are grounded in reliable data and insights.


Who is the right audience for your research?

At RONIN, we understand that in B2B market research, success hinges on pinpointing the right audience. The people who make up your audience are real people within sectors that are notoriously challenging to penetrate, are precisely who we gain access to. Our experience spans tech developers, portfolio managers, farmers, politicians, and beyond.

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