When conducting market research with technology experts, developers, and IT decision-makers, the topics and themes can be highly specialised, often focused on the latest trends, tools, and challenges in the tech sector. RONIN has been researching experts and decision makers in the Tech sector since we were established and it remains an area of specialisation for our ongoing studies. 

Audiences - Tech & IT Research 

CIOs & CTOs, IT Managers & Directors, Infrastructure & Network Managers, Cloud & Systems Architects, Cybersecurity & Risk Managers, DevOps, Application Managers, IT Compliance, Digital Transformation leaders, Engineers, Programmers & Engineers.

Recent work with Tech & IT Groups includes: Information security strategy analysis, digital marketing & e-commerce initiatives, IT consultancy and 3rd party services, IT systems & services, Systems integration, software development & implementation, purchase decision making.

Mobile Developers Product Usage

15 Minutes online interview with screened and verified developers using a variety of platforms for mobile, web, cloud and machine learning products. RONIN recruitment from company targeted lists and across digital platforms such as Reddit, LinkedIn, Github, StackOverflow and others. Over 20 targeted platforms from Google play to TensorFlow used.

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Here are some example topics and themes:

Software Development & Programming
Programming Languages: Popularity, ease of use, and trends in programming languages.
Development Frameworks & Tools: Preferences, challenges, and satisfaction related to different software development tools.
DevOps & Continuous Integration: Adoption rates, best practices, and challenges.

Cloud Computing & Infrastructure
Cloud Service Providers: Evaluation of the major cloud platforms and preferences among them.
Infrastructure as Code: Trends, tools, and adoption barriers.
Multi-cloud Strategies: Benefits, challenges, and security concerns.

Emerging Threats: Understanding new cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities.
Security Tools & Solutions: Effectiveness, user satisfaction, and recommendations.

Organizational Cyber Hygiene: Practices, policies, and training effectiveness.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
AI Frameworks & Tools: Popularity, challenges, and developments.
Ethical Considerations: Concerns, practices, and guidelines in AI deployment.

AI Implementation Challenges: Data quality, training, and scalability issues.

IT Management & Strategy
Digital Transformation: Barriers, benefits, and best practices.
IT Budgeting & Spending: Priorities, challenges, and projections.
Vendor Evaluations: Assessing the performance, reliability, and value of tech vendors.

Hardware & Devices
Emerging Hardware Technologies: Evaluation of new tech like quantum computers or augmented reality devices.
Device Interoperability: Challenges and standards in device communication and integration.
Wearable Tech: Market trends, consumer preferences, and future predictions.

Networking & Communication
5G Implementation: Barriers, benefits, and market adoption.
Unified Communications: Trends, tools, and organizational challenges.
Network Security: Best practices, challenges, and tool evaluations.

Blockchain & Distributed Systems:
Blockchain Use Cases: Beyond cryptocurrencies - applications in various industries.

Challenges in Adoption: Technical, regulatory, and logistical barriers.
Smart Contracts: Development, security, and implementation challenges.

These topics aim to capture the insights, preferences, and predictions of those deeply entrenched in the tech sector. The knowledge derived from such market research can be invaluable for tech companies, policymakers, and various stakeholders looking to navigate the rapidly-evolving technology landscape.

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