Gathering opinions from busy tradespeople can be challenging and requires multiple methods of contact to maximise response. RONIN can contact via phone, screen and recruit to online interviews for those who are not desk-based and can also offer straight interviewing over the phone if that is preferred. Sole traders and those working within larger organisations can be included in groups as diverse as carpenters, builders, HVAC technicians, plumbers, boiler engineers, mechanics, pipefitters, landscapers and technology installers. 

Audiences - Tradespeople

Construction & building, mechanical & systems, automotive & transportation, metal & fabrication, personal care, landscaping & agriculture, communication & technology, crafts & artisan trades.

Typical topics and subjects can include research on tools, equipment & supplies, training and professional development, safety & regulations, technological adaptation, industry trends and challenges, buying patterns, product and material preferences, and feedback on communications and marketing.


Paint purchasing study - Customer satisfaction in 8th year of fieldwork

A mixed methodology online and phone project. Customer sample lists were provided of trade pain purchasers, contacted by email for online completion initially and then non-responders were contacted by phone. The nature of tradespeople's work means that they are not desk-based, and a mixed methodology approach can maximise response. Survey available via phone, desktop, table and mobile.

  • 1,600 18-minute interviews across 18 European markets
  • Hard-to-reach group not desk based
  • Open ended translation coding and data provided by RONIN
Paint purchasing study

Market research surveys target various industries and occupations, including tradespeople, to gather information on various aspects like preferences, needs, behaviors, and opinions. When dealing with tradespeople, market research might touch on the following typical topics:


Tools, Equipment, and Supplies

Brand preferences

Satisfaction with current tools or equipment

Features and functionalities desired in new tools or equipment

Purchase frequency and decision-making factors

Training and Professional Development


Need for training or certification programs.

Preferred modes of training (online, in-person, workshops)

Evaluation of existing training courses and certifications

Safety and Regulations


Awareness of safety standards and regulations

Satisfaction with safety equipment and tools

Concerns and feedback about safety in the workplace

Services and Support


Satisfaction with supplier services (delivery, customer service, warranties)

Interest in additional support services (financing, training, maintenance)

Technological Adaptation


Openness to using new technologies (e.g., software for job management, mobile apps)

Current use of technology and software in their trade

Barriers to adopting new technology

Industry Trends and Challenges


Perceptions of current industry trends

Most significant challenges faced in the trade

Opportunities they see for growth or improvement

Product and Material Preferences


Preferences regarding materials used (e.g., sustainable materials, brand choices)

Evaluation of new products or materials in the market

Pricing and Payment


Price sensitivity and factors influencing purchasing decisions

Preferred payment methods and terms

Openness to financing options

Work Conditions and Preferences


Preferences for job assignments (e.g., residential vs. commercial)

Feedback on working conditions, hours, and job sites

Communication and Marketing


Preferred channels for receiving industry news and product information

Feedback on promotional campaigns targeted at tradespeople

Effectiveness of different marketing and advertising mediums

Business Operations and Management

Challenges in managing their business (for those who run their own)

Use and satisfaction with business management software or services

Hiring and staffing concerns

Supply Chain and Logistics

Satisfaction with suppliers and distributors

Challenges faced in procuring materials or tools

Impact of global events on their supply chain (e.g., pandemics, trade wars)

Market research surveys with tradespeople can be incredibly valuable, as they can provide insights directly from the field, helping suppliers, manufacturers, and service providers cater to their needs more effectively.

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